Jun 12, 2007

My Idols

Those that know me know, that I adore reality television. I don't know where this came from, what it is about these shows (certainly not the "reality") or the the why, but, I do know that I consume a lot of reality television. To my credit, I don't watch any and everything reality. I like to believe that even though these shows appeal to the small escapist portion of my brain that needs mindless banter of unknowns to decompress, I'm still selective in my viewing.

your garden variety reality series truly appeal to my escapist sensibilities. Over the past few years, I've consumed more reality tv, than any person one should. My days of watching only The Real World (New York, New Orleans and the second New York being my favorites) has morphed into weekly consumption of Supernanny,

Season 1: Tamyra Gray

Season 2: Kimberly Locke

Season 3: Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson

Season 4: Vonzell Solomon

Season 5: Paris Bennett and Mandisa

Season 6: Melinda Doolittle

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